Gia Rachelle’s Latest Single, “Say Something,” Brings A New Sound To Pop

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Artists to Watch

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A beautiful production that falls somewhere in between the appeal of pop and the warmth of modern indie aesthetics.

Gia Rachelle is a master at creating memorable melodies, and retain the energy levels in her songwriting, which is not actually that easy to do! The result is a song that sounds very appealing, while at the same time also feels unique and one-of-a-kind, a perfect expression of the artists personality and creative vision overall. The sound production immediately lured me in. The style of the instrumental is deep and textural, reminiscent of artists as diverse as Billie Eilish and Rihanna. You get this massive kick drum that really drives the groove of the song forward. The beat pattern has a bit of a lo-fi flavor to it, making it more organic and warm, and freeing up the high frequencies in the mix to add a sense of closeness and presence that makes the vocals more intimate and exciting. The synthesizer soundscapes are lush and melodic, creating a beautiful blanket of sonic texture around the amazing lead vocals, but never overpowering the performance. Gia’s singing is nothing short of extraordinary. Right from the get-go, she has a sweet, bright, and somewhat hypnotic voice that immediately lures the listener in. “I can be the leader, I can take the heat” she sings in the chorus, giving it a seductive feel while wanting her love interest to be vulnerable with her. The lyrics are personal and direct, perfectly matching the vibe of the song. Clocking in at slightly over the 4-minute mark, this is the kind of track that will leave a mark due to its amazing textures and one-of-a-kind feel. I would definitely recommend listening to this release if you are a fan of modern pop music and indie, including artists like Sia, Clairo, and Halsey, only to mention but a few. This one is definitely going to grab your attention and perhaps, make its way into your heavy rotation playlist!

Find out more about Gia Rachelle, and do not miss out on Say Something, as well as other exciting releases from this talented artist.


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