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#Genesis Barrios
Artist Name: Genesis Barrios

Artist Bio

I've been a musician for 14 years now. I started when I was seven years old learning piano, cello, violin, music theory, and voice. I went to magnet schools up until I graduated and then I got a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science which has opened me up to another world of music and music production/manipulation. I started producing music in high school and posting youtube videos and I eventually got pretty good, I have over 5,000 subscribers on Youtube, and 15,000 on Tiktok. Now I'm happy to say I'm making some income from music, and I produce, record, and mix for other artists all over the world.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Genesis Barrios, I'm an artist and producer from Miami, FL. This track was my first experiment with making reggaeton, and it went really well. It was my first song to go semi-viral. I made a tiktok about events in my life including this song making two Spotify placements and the tiktok went viral and that helped me even more. I think this would be a great addition to any playlist.

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Song Title: Cambie

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