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by | Nov 14, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

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Recording Artist: Freeway Yaw

“Hi there, my name is Nana Yaw, I was born in Ghana Africa and was adopted back in 2008 around the age of five. My whole life I’ve always felt like I was different and that there was something missing to me, but I just hadn’t found it yet. When I was around Eleven, Twelvish me and my friends started feeestyling on beats whenever we got bored and such and I slowly grew a passion for it. I took one choir class when I was younger but I was always made fun of for it so I didn’t decide to follow through with it. But now freestyling is something we still do to this day. I never really felt like I fit in as a kid, although I had a good amount of friends but I sooner or later came to realize that most of them, and my family weren’t really there for me through my roughest times in life. I am 17 years young, and have been on my own for about two years now.I never had a great relationship with my adoptive parents and was always a troublemaker teen in their eyes. We didn’t get a long and simply weren’t compatible. I feel like I’ve grown up much faster than most “normal” kids whatever that word means haha there’s no such thing to me, unique is beautiful. All the things I’ve been through in my life that have lead me up to this point is the reason I see a new purpose for my life and career. What inspires me to be an aspiring artist is to share my story and my passion to people like me who are at, or were at their lowest and also just make music that people can vibe and relate with. I’m not one for sad story’s but this promotion would mean the world to me. I one hundred percent believe in myself, and my progress that’s going to come over time and If I ever had that chance of being able to do what I love for a living it would be a dream come true. Thankyou for this blessed potential opportunity.”

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