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FATCAT Featured on BETJAMS, Channel 10 News and Decodrive for his High energy, kid friendly , overall feel good music ,with over 1.5 Million views on Worldstar Hip Hop for his debut song “Watch Me”, Darriel Cannon AKA 'Fatcat' is an emerging Hip Hop multi talented superstar that brings show stopping performances and delivers great music fit for all genres. Fatcat started freestyling as a hobby at the age of 5years old & was Inspired by his favorite rapper the late Xxxtentacion to pursue his passion. Fatcat delivered an Epic performance at the NFL Super Bowl 2020 Celebrity South Beach Bowl event at the age of 10 Years old and left the crowd ecstatic and screaming for more. Fatcat also is a star in the football world. Currently playing defensive back and running back in the Pop Warner and Miami Xtreme Youth football League. Fatcat was a back to back Super Bowl Champion in 2016/2017. In 2018, Fatcat was selected to play in the Youth Pro Bowl Championship and traveled to different states to compete on the highest Level of Youth football in the country. Some of Fatcat upcoming 2020-2021 prominent projects include music with Nickelodeon teen sensation and hip hop artist "That Girl Lay Lay. Fatcat’s music video “Options “ racked up over 1.7 Million views on YouTube within only a couple months of its debut and over 600,000 streams on Spotify. Fatcat’s most recent project “No Games” features Miami Dade County, Slip-N-Slide artist Mike Smiff.

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FatCat is the name, a 12yr old artist who started rapping at the age 5, he is a girted student who make straight As nothing lower than a B. He also writes all of his own lyrics

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This track was written by the 12yr old artist Fatcat to express that he plays no games unless it is Fortnite, meaning he is an overall mature pre-teen.
The artist, FatCat, wrote this song to address the fact that he may be young but when it comes to his artistry he is very serious. Fans that listen to Quavo, Ymw Bslime, Jaden Smith, Drake, and other rappers fans will also enjoy this track.
This track was written by the 12yr old artist Fatcat to bring awareness to his flashy, drippy jewelry and his name brand/ designer outfits and clothing. Fashion and Jewelry have a big

Song Title: No Games

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Contact Artist: cannonballcurrencymusic@gmail.com

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