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Artist Name: Deesan

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I have produced over 35 songs in multiple genres including but not limited to Hardstyle, Bigroom, Progressive house, Future house and downtempo. I entered into the EDM scene back in 2017, releasing "Great Mornings", a downtempo track. After experimenting in multiple genres, I have recently released Roll Out, my best future house track till date.

Achievements: My hardstyle remix of the Beethoven classic "Fur elise" crossed a combined count of 50k streams in all streaming platforms. It may not be much, but for an independent artist like me, every stream counts.

Tell us who you are:

Hello! I'm Deesan, music producer from Bangalore, India. I aim to make EDM the next big thing in India.

Deesan is a music producer based in Bangalore, India. He started music production back in 2017. With over 35 songs in Dance Music and songs in multiple genres including House and Downtempo, he aims to make EDM the next big thing in India and around the World. He entered into the industry with a downtempo-electronica track named "Great Mornings" and since then, never turned back. After releasing multiple songs in bigroom, hardstyle and downtempo, he took it to progressive and future house to produce his next song "Roll Out", which is all set to be released on October 13th, 2021.

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Song Title: Roll Out

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