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Artist Name: Darksyde

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Producer and Beatmaker from Canada! I am Darksyde and I make all kinds of music ranging from Hip-Hop to Electronic to House tracks. I have now been producing music and beats for myself as an artist and other artists and rappers for over a decade. Check out my latest release Dystopia for some hard hitting jazzy style instrumentals or my newest single Voices for some darker electronic feels!

Tell us who you are:

My name is Dylan and I go by the name Darksyde. I produce other artists and make all kind of music and have tons of records that I have been working on for over ten years that I finally plan on releasing. I got into making music about 2009 when I heard some very unique and awesome sounding electronic music and I was mainly listening to rap at the time. I started out making more edm and dubstep style tracks but quickly learned I loved making dark minor sounding beats and experimenting with different soundscapes. I have released two instrumental albums so far and a couple of dark progressive house tracks that will be part of a larger project in the future!

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Song Title: Lost In The Stars

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