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Artist Name: Clem Zephyr

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This is my first song so no accomplishments yet, but I'd love for you to hear my music and see if it fits what you're looking for 🙂

Tell us who you are:

Hey guys! My name is Clem! I'm from somewhere on planet Earth and I love making music. I was first introduced to music through my parents and I've derived most of my taste from them. I've been inspired by the sounds of 80s new wave, industrial, pop music and hip hop. Growing up, my mom would always sing around the house (and she loves to DJ)! I learned a lot about different music genres and music production from her. As I got older, I began covering and performing the songs of some of my favourite artists. Now, I like to write my own music and create my own productions. I taught myself how to write, compose, produce and play instruments. I am to use my music to uplift and inspire others.Thank you for reading 🙂

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Song Title: Breathe Me In

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Contact Artist: clemzephyrmusic@gmail.com

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