#Charlee Bravo
Artist Name: Charlee Bravo

Artist Bio

As an artist I’m fun, out going and hard working! I absolutely love performing and making music that people feel when I perform it. I love helping artist grow so they can become success as well.

Tell us who you are:

What’s good! I go by the name Charlee Bravo and if I could describe my music I would describe it as a breathe of fresh air. I’ve been developing my own sound for 12 years now and still having finished leveling up!

Discover this artist:

Instagram: @charleebravo_

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC59nHK7exqM-y0UNjFmL34w

Song Title: Let Me Breathe

Listen: Charlee Bravo track:


Contact Artist: Charleebbooking@gmail.com

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