Billie Eilish is Back with ‘Therefore I Am’

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Artists to Watch

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Billie Eilish is Back with ‘Therefore I Am’

Billie Eilish is Back on Charts with New Song
At a young age, Billie Eilish has already earned her 20th career Hot 100 song. Debuting at number 94 with her new single “Therefore I Am” last week.  Furthermore, in just the one day that it was released the song summed up 3.1 million U.S. streams and sold over 5,000 downloads. These numbers are tracked and reported by Nielsen Music. Additionally, the song pulled in 11.7 million radio impressions in only its first four days. Released via Darkroom and Interscope Records, the song also debuts at number 5 on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Additionally, the song ranks at number 5 on the Hot Alternative Songs chart as well. Most noteworthy, these charts use the same methods to rank and score where a song should be placed on the tally.
As previously mentioned, this is the 20th song Billie Eilish has had in the Hot 100. Especially relevant though, this is the third song to arrive on that specific chart this year. The other songs that charted are “My Future” and “No Time to Die” which both made it pretty high up the chart. It should be noted that Billie wrote “Therefore I Am” with her brother who also owns the production for the song. It is easy to see that this song will probably find its’ way toward the top of the chart over the coming weeks. However, it probably won’t hold the same presence that “Bad Guy” did when it hit number 1 last year.

If you haven’t seen the music video, it shows Billie Eilish running through an empty mall. The artist is seen drinking and eating from popular concession stands. Additionally, she is dancing and singing along to the track through out the song. The video is directed by Billie herself. If you are a fan of the young singer, this is a must see.
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