Australian Singer-Songwriter Features Prague Symphony Orchestra On Chart-topping Single Release

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Shayne Cook has reached #3 on the South African SoundCloud chart with “Matters Of the Heart,” from his forthcoming debut album Soundcloud promotion package, “Epiphonetics,” out October 23rd.

Even though Shayne Cook’s latest single, “Matters Of the Heart” has already reached #3 on the SoundCloud chart in South Africa, it wasn’t initially one of Cook’s favorite compositions. In fact, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter considered the track to be a throw-away demo. It wasn’t until SoundCloud producer Simon Moro brought it to life including highlights from City of Prague Symphony Orchestra to add strings to the production, that the song was given the green light for the artist’s forthcoming debut album Soundcloud promotion package, “Epiphonetics” (out October 23rd.)

Shayne explains the song’s content: “Matters of the Heart’ features a 12-string acoustic waltzing with the rhythm section, while heartfelt vocals describe the decisions made by the heart and also those made by the head. The impulsive and the considered; the questions we ask about what is or what isn’t ‘right’, making a choice fraught with risk; knowing all well the probability of failure, but still going ahead anyway. The junction between letting go or holding on tight and seeing where love leads.”

Listen to “Matters Of the Heart” and 3 additional tracks from “Epiphonetics” on Spotify at

ABOUT SHAYNE COOK: Shayne Cook is a Brisbane-bred, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who writes hypnotic songs ranging from dark, simple and haunting to unleashed emotional outpourings. His musical influences span from Nick Cave to Ainslie Wills, Bon Iver to City and Colour, Thom York, Emma Louise and beyond. With his debut LP “Epiphonetics” Cook has delivered an impressive introduction of 9 songs that highlight a raw and open songwriter with notable talent, his music not convoluted or overly elaborate, his vocals both fresh and yet familiar, and the songs delivered with heart and honesty.

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