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Recording Artist: The One JeVinci

“My story is the all American horror story … I was so desperate to get out of these streets as Duval county has become one of the most dangerous counties in the state of Florida … Whoever and my team didn’t go to jail was murdered instead … It’s funny we spend so much time trying to be organized to avoid jail yet the ones that are locked up at least I still get to talk to … I took 35k I made in the streets and pumped it into my brother and his music career … We were almost there 50 radio stations all over the country … And his wife my sister-in-law tragically passed away which some all him into a deep depression … With my brother barely clinging to the reality of what happened and me spending everything I had to go for it …I was left with no other choice but to pick up the slack and learn the craft myself … our recent traction introductory has motivated my brother and he has returned to join the movement … Our music is the TRUE STORY about pain, survival and the truth about our everyday lives”

What inspired your new song?
Women tend to play hard-to-get especially the fine ones you know the ones with the perfect face the perfect care no stomach body shaped like a coke bottle… I found it funny when the quarantine hit the same confident cocky arrogant women seem to crave attention more than they would like to admit … With me being on quarantine I delve into my music perfecting my craft and releasing it at a astronomical rate … With me not having the time for extracurricular activities due to me being extremely busy … They began fighting for whatever free time I had and the song describes the true accounts of how I spent my free time during quarantine

Describe your writing process?
Due to the Quarentine everything was closed … It was a meticulous and delicate process it took a lot of bribing and constant reassurance that we would put the team’s health first…to be very honest with you the love of music brought together a talented group that without the quarantine would have never happened

Do you have a video?
Yes as soon as it is safe … Florida is being destroyed by this virus

How do you stand out as an artist?
This is a great question … Our making music process doesn’t involve a lot of thinking it’s a feel it’s a energy a movement if you will … Everyone feels this energy it’s hard to explain sowe make music off now we see at that particular day and do to this approach or music catalog has become a very versatile one in our versatility turns out to be what is separating us from everyone else most artists tend to sound the same but with the roller coaster of emotions during this quarantine each song we make sounds completely different … That’s why I coined the slogan in some of the songs ” A year of chaos brings chaos ” it actually ended up being a perfect Storm

Who are you listening to right now?
To be very honest with you no one … I found myself surrounded with so much talent in the city that we feed off each other motivated to out do the other and I think together we’re going to lift this city into the prime spotlight … As each song began to make its rounds through the city everyone being at home quarantine and trying to find something to entertain themselves more and more artists have reached out to me to collab and get on the new wave of energy … It’s really is a beautiful and powerful thing

Who are some of your influences?
My family … I need my family to see that even when the chips are down a strong will is the most powerful tool that any person can possess

What gets you up in the morning? 
It’s also is something that I found out about myself during the quarantine … As our music began making the rounds it fell into the hands of a CNN reporter named Carliana Harris who due to the Quarentine was not in Atlanta and was with family in Jacksonville Florida … She was the motivating factor and really challenged me to try to come up with something after brutal murder George Floyd and the black lives movement began to take shape … she wanted me to create a song that can get the crowd that doesn’t understand why BLM is protesting … I think we did a pretty good job of it it was that song itself that brought my brother out of a four-year depression… He tells me everyday that I saved his life

What’s next for you?
As you can see from me reaching out to you I think it’s time the rest of the world sees and feels what has risen this city to unite out of chaos

How can fans reach you?
IG: @the_one_jevinci

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