Animated Videos: Creative Video Design Concepts

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Animated Videos: Getting Started
Coming up with creative video design concepts should be a necessity, especially during a global pandemic. It can be quite difficult to find a videographer willing to shoot a music video in the current climate. Additionally, while many locales are shut down – filming locations may be slim to none. While it is especially relevant to release fresh content – a low budget music video can hurt your appeal. Furthermore, this is why you need to be creative in your approach. In addition to professional video content, you should be releasing fresh content often to your fans. This keeps you relevant and in front of their eyes. Let’s go into some basics how animated videos may be the solution you need.

Animated Videos: The Basics
Animated videos can give you a full range of fresh content to release to your audience. There are many different types and each have their own purpose. Additionally, the more content you have out there, the more streams you will acquire. This stands true even if it is for the same song. Started off, the big daddy of all animated videos is the lyric video production. For those unaware, this is a highly effective and fun video content to share to your fans. Not only does it allow for fans to learn the lyrics and sing along; the videos can be highly customized. Show of your brands aesthetic and style with a great lyric video.
Another popular animated video is an audio visualizer. This is a great video for social media. Visualizers typically have bars or other shapes showing off the frequency range of the song as it plays. Most noteworthy, picture a visual equalizer bumping along to your song. However, there are many different kinds of audio visualizers – it is all about the creativity of the creator.
Lastly, other animated videos can be video trailers, promos, animated logo intros, and motion cover art. Concepts range based on your ideas. If you are looking for professional video design, check out View Maniac. We are an industry leader for custom video projects and can get you started today!
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