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Artist Name: 4renzik

Artist Bio

Rapper, singer/songwriter/producer.
Originally from New Zealand and now residing in Australia, 4renzik has a diverse approach when it comes to his music leaving you wondering what the next song is going to sound like..
With an Arsenal of tricky flows and unpredictable Rhyme Schemes,
the experience of performing live Shows in New Zealand, New York (Atlantic records) and an Australian Tour..
It’s time for the world to hear the sound of 4renzik.
New music coming….

Tell us who you are:

4RENZIK. The next big Hip Hop artist to come out of New Zealand/ Australian. My music is unique and always evolving with quality & skill, never staying the same.. people will listen to my music with the excitement & wonder of what my next song will sound like?

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Song Title: D.A.F (Dreams are free)

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